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Patient, Researcher, Survivor
Leukemia - (CML)
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My name is Sebastien Christopher I'm 45 years old,second eldest of 8 Siblings from Trinidad,West Indies Island.I was Diagnosed with CML(Ph.Postit)aprrox. 14yrs ago.I first started Interferon 3.5MIU's to 4.MIU's for serveral years I kept in Chronic Phase so far, during that time of testing my Siblings for HLA Type after 2 yrs. my sister Sheena who is the last of 8 siblings came up a Perfect match.to end a long Story she was very scared & did not partake in Stem Cell Transplat for me. My Doc decided to put me on Drug on Choice at that time,Glivec 400mg after a year & Bone Marrow was done I became Phil. Neg. and Bone Marrow switched to Normal, this was continued every 6 months (BM Testing) just a year ago my Doc. decided to Increase my doseage to 600mg taking it up a notch & also Warned me never to take a Day Off from your meds. I did took breaks in between especially w/end.Honestly, if you don't have a proper diet you can be in Big trouble with you Stomach.I played a Key Role in a Cnacer Foundation which was Registered under my name Sebastien Cancer Fund both Trinidad & Canada, which is my second Country I LOVE dearly a small part of my life i lived there & always kept a close connection to that Country, my second Diagnoseing was done at The Princes Margaret Hospital in Canada. I stayed on for a few more years with a Formed Committee & Charitable Functions was held every 3 months in my name to Raise Funds which enables me for my Medical Expenses. this is Chapter 1 of alittle about myself and my Story to tell.

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