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Hi Jones13

I hope your Mom will have good results with her treatment. Cancer is a terrible disease and I think I e-mailed you a few weeks ago that I'm interested in trying the low  inflamatory diet. I have an autoimmune disease (in fact several that are caused by inflamation) and I would seriously like to try the diet if you don't mind giving it to me. I've only been given steroids (prednisone) to control the inflamation for the past eight years since I've had this condition. It started off as polymyalgia rheumatica but then I was told when my jaws became painful and I found it difficult to eat that I had temperal arteritus; then about four months ago I was told my aorta is now involved. I have advanced lung cancer too that I believe is the result  of suppressing my immune system from taking prenisone for so long.

Hoping to hear from you, and wishing much good health for your mother.


Hi jones13

I would be interested in the anti inflamatory diet if you have it available.'s

I have nsclc advanced and J got a very bad cold a week before Christmas; Dr. Budwig's flaxseed oil, cottage cheese and ground flax seed literally saved my life I believe. Next I will try the  Trican.

I wish your Mother the best.


I'm so sorry to hear your Mom has advanced lung cancer. It's a horrible disease, and she's young yet. I don't know about differences between small cell lung cancer and non-small cell but I have the non small cell and it's stage 4 only because it's believed it has gone from the right lung and chest wall to the left but if it's in the left lung it's small in size and without a biopsy (which is too dangerous) there is no way of knowing for certain.  Until your Mom starts her chemo and even along with it, she may want to try what I did.  I was on tarceva for approx a month (Nov - Dec) then went off because the side effects were overwhelming and I needed more meds to treat the side effects than I have had to take throughout my life.  Before starting the tarceva, the CT scan (in Nov compared to an earlier CT) showed that some of the cancer were decreasing in size and one had disappeared. Beginning in June this year I started taking 4 tablespoons of asparagus (blended a minute or two until it's a smooth soupy mix) two or three times a day. Absolutely no sugar at all in her diet! Cancer cells flourish on sugar.  I use truvia or spiriva for sweetening. Also I have been taking CO Q 10 at least once  a day, twice is better. And, now I am eating berries on an empty stomach at least once a week. These are things that my dear friends have offered that might help me and, I have tried it out; at this point I'm in relatively good health and enjoying life with my husband, visiting my children and grandchildren and carrying on with my day to day activities. My biggest problem is I am having trouble breathing and am coughing some. I tried Dr. Budwig 's cottage cheese and Flax seed oil and ground flax seed routine.  It helped tremendously with the breathing!! But . . . I have to take prednisone for another disorder and if I'm not careful using  salt, fats and oils  I have mini strokes and that's what started to happen . . . I started having mini strokes again -  several a week so I had to give it up because it's scary-er than the cancer; but I may start again but with a lesser amount and only once or twice a week instead of every day and see if I can tolerate it. I was told in February or March that I had cancer  then came the tests, etc.  I didn't want to risk having the chemo or radiation, and am hoping it's slow growing and i can just keep it at bay because I'm not young and have other serious health issues. I hope this may help her! it's so simple yet helpful.

My prayers will be with you and your Mom.

Sincerely, Skately

RE: I'm tired!!

by skately - December 16, 2012


I can only imagine how hard it must be to learn your young, devoted and  energetic husband has cancer.  You are so young to face such a horrible illness.  It must be very hard for him, too. Things happen to us in this life that we don't always want.  If you can stay upbeat and share everything you do, and the progress your little one is making,  your attitude may be reflected just like he was looking in a mirror. Try taking one day at a time and cherish the wonderful relationship you two share as long as you have each other. I remember my daughter once telling me  when I was going through a rough time, "Mom  find something to look forward to if it's only strawberry shortcake for dinner!" God's blessings upon each one of you.

RE: Tarceva Side Effect

by skately - December 16, 2012

Hello Jean,

I started on 150 mg Tarceva about a month ago. I had that tiredness too, and  I'm really very energetic abd have been all my life.  I had other side effects, too.

RE: lost our battle

by skately - December 05, 2012

Hi Holly, I'm so sorry that you and your husband lost the battle with the horrible cancer.  I'm quite new here but I read the daily message board and I'm really quite impressed with what all you people are going through and yet keep a positve attitude. May God bless you and bring you peace and direction as you go on with your life putting one foot in front of the other.  We lost our daughter in September (not from cancer --she had a heart and lung condition) and I know how painful accepting it is. I will say a special prayer for you.

Blessings, Skately

RE: last days..

by skately - December 04, 2012

Dear Kosta,

I'm so sorry things didn't work out differently for your Mom.  It sounds like her life has been one hardship after another. I know she must be very young. You and your brother must try to realize that your were her sunshine, the great blessings in her life, perhaps her reason for living!  I know it's so hard to lose your Mom when so young. My heart aches for you all.

I was real young, too when my mom died, and  I, too felt that I must be somewhat responsible. I spent much of my childhood carrying guilt and anger. Then someone explained to me we were like two separate units and because her life was completed and mine was just beginning I need to realize God has a plan for each life, and to trust and believe that God will help me through the bad times as well as grant me many good things during my lifetime. Someone else recently told me when hearing that my daughter had died, that she finished her work early. After thinking about her words I found them to  be very comforting.

If I could have had a few hours with my Mom, I'd spend every minute close to her. I'd tell her how much I loved her and how much I appreciate the special meals she prepared for me, and I'd ask her things about what she liked to eat, her favorite flower, color and what did she want mostly for me and my brother. Perhaps these hours can become a treasure that you will cherish throughout your life. If she can't talk, you can and just hold her hand. I've heard the last thing we lose is our hearing. She might like to talk to a priest or minister.

I wish I could I be there to give you a big hug and tell you what a brave and special young man you are.

You, your brother and Mom will be in my prayers.

Blessings, skately

Hello Ray.

That's wonderful!! Your message is so encouraging! I believe diet and alternative is very important, too. After being on Tarceva for two and half weeks, I'm going to start  including the blended asparagus  and coQ10 both 2X day that I had been doing before starting Tarceva.  I could actually feel the difference. I asked myself why I wasn't feeling well. and I'm now going to start adding berries.I read an article how they contain 'ellagic' and one cup of berries once a week prevents certain cancers from growing for one week, and the berries must be eaten on an empty stomach! Do you have any special foods that are working for you?  I'd be interested! I know sugar is a no-no. Skately

On Nov 21, 2012 11:40 AM geannaweed wrote:

It's not in the subtype of adenocarinoma so the onco's strongly said Tarceva might not be applicable to his case. His is NSLC stage 4 brain mets. Is this true?

We're going alternative this time. We went to an ayuverdan doctor so he is on a vegetarian diet, herbal meds, detox. We are observing, so far, the worst has passed. But he no longer wants chemo nor radiataion so we don't know if the tumor will clear out and just heal him through alternative. I'll keep everyone posted but do let me know if Tarceva is indeed applicable to his case pls?

I have only been taking Tarceva for 2 weeks; it seems to be helping me as I'm coughing less, and breathing easier. There are side effects and going alternative may offer more halp and comfort for you family member. I broke out in a rash earlier and I believe that it was a  reaction more to the medicine for the rash than the Tarceva. The last couple days I've been using cedaphil to clean my face and neck and then I have been applying just vaseline to my face and neck as it gets so dry especially my lips; and, where there are little cuts on my skin like on my thumbs and index finger, I applied Bacitracin and I'm taking Bioflavanoids to speed up the healing of the little cuts. (My skin has become very dry from the Tarceva then these little cuts form. My index finger looks and feels infected) I'm trying to drink more water, etc., and I'm feeling quite comfortable today.  You could ask your Oncologist if your family member could try the Tarceva and ask for help for the cost as it is very expensive. I was told by a pharmacist or nurse at the pharmacy that supplies it to me that it targets the protein in the cancer cell  and prevents it from growing and spreading. I have read some very good results from others here on CancerCompass that have taken Tarceva. I had surgery (no chemo or radiation at anytime) when I had breast cancer but it was a completely different type of cancer. Two years before I found the tumor I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and put on a large amount of prednisone to suppress my immune system to prevent losing my sight and that's what I think happened is why I got the two different cancers. Who knows? I'll be praying for you, your family and also for Maria.  It's a terrible disease and the treatment isn't any picnic either. It's so hard on the family.

That's great, ED!You got four more years thanks to the Tarceva! I'm praying for two more! What are your doctors recommending that you do now? I saw all my children for Thanksgiving, (except of course my daughter who died in September but her daughter came a long distance with her two little children to be with us). There were other grandchildren, too and some dear friends. we talked a little about the cancer but I was so happy to be with my family that it seemed unreal, I feel so well! Did you have many side effects?

I wish you the greatest blessings.


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