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    My friend had a right hemicolectomy 2 years ago for a Duke's B cancer. Her surgeon only did CEA blood tests and colonoscopies as follow up, and CEA rose and after a CT, they found cancer had spread to lungs and liver. Now having chemo, then for surgery if it shrinks the deposits in the liver, then more chemo, then surgery planned on lung, followed by more chemo. Should there have been better scanning following the in...

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      Perhaps a PET scan could have been done prior to the bowel resection, and the liver could have been operated on at the same time, then the chemo given? I have known people to have the surgery to 'get rid of visible cancer in the liver' then to have the chemo. Yes it would be very frustrating for you both. My husband died back in 1994 of cancer that originated in his appendix, no chemo given, no tests, and spread to h...

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        Friend had right hemicolectomy for bowel cancer (Dukes B) 2 years ago. Cancer is back in lungs and liver. Only follow up post op to surgery 2 years ago was surgeon (no oncologist), who ordered 6/12 CEA tests and yearly colonoscopies? I just don't feel this is good enough follow up. She is 64 yrs old. Now going to have chemo for 3/12, then maybe resection of liver followed by chemo. What would routine follow up be els...

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          Would like advice on whether children of Chris who died from adenocarcinoma of appendix (diag 1989), which spread through peritoneal cavity, to adrenal gland and lungs and ?bones, are at similar risk of getting this cancer, as with the familial bowel cancer? There were no polyps with Chris in subsequent colonoscopy. Mets were not diagnosed until large mass on (R) adrenal gland found 4 yrs later. Nil follow up sc...

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            Thankyou so much for your kind words and also the information about chances of the cancer being genetic etc. Very good news. It sounds very positive that there are those premier facilities in the US for appendix cancer, and i'd like to wish your husband the very best outcome as he undergoes his treatment. It sounds very positive, and also am sure they are generally better at treating cancer of any type this many year...

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              My husband did have cancer in the appendix, about size of a walnut few years back. It was an adenocarcinoma, so not sure if they class that colon cancer instead of appendix cancer. He had a right hemicolectomy (right side of bowel removed) at the time. All good for 4 years, though poorly monitored i guess back then, as don't recall proper ongoing tests. About 4 years later it ended up being spread to right adrenal gl...

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                I was wondering if anyone knows the odds of my children (now aged between 25 and 33 years) getting appendix cancer (adenocarcinoma), as Chris first got appendix cancer when 37 years and died at 42 years. I wrote the previous lead story of this blog. Is it the same as with bowel cancer, where the children are advised to have colonoscopies 10 or 15 years prior to first appearance of the first cancer? I'd appreciate any...

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                I am a registered nurse in Australia. My husband was diagnosed with appendix cancer in 1989, had a right sided hemicolectomy, no chemo or radiation therapy at that time. 4 years later he got upper abdo pain and was diagnosed with metastasies in right adrenal gland (large), liver, lungs, bone, and was then given surgery to remove bulk of adrenal gland cancer, chemo and radiation therapy for palliation. He died 6 months after finding these secondaries. He was 42 yrs old.

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