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Brain Cancer
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My husband was diagnosed with GBM IV at the age of 33 in late September 2010. We have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and are doing everything we can for him to battle this horrible, horrible brain cancer!

9/24/2010 1st MRI indication of tumor/swelling
9/30/2010 Brain Surgery
10/3/2010 Home from hospital
10/12/2010 MRI (severe headaches) – stable
10/14/2010 Start Radiation/InitialTemadar
11/24/2010 Last Day of Radiation
12/14/2010 MRI – stable
12/30/2010 Started Avastin
1/14/2011 Spiral CT of lungs - clear
1/17/2011 ER – head CT (headache) – stable
2/14/2011 MRI - Stable
3/29/2011 Colonoscopy
4/14/2011 MRI - stable
4/20/2011 ER (headache) – CT scan – stable
6/20/2011 Next Scheduled MRI

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