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On Feb 05, 2011 11:52 AM snappy1 wrote:

Has anyone tried acai berry weight reduction supplements from this site “http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”? "" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”? " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ”? Anybody with positive results so far?

How about Acai Berry weight reduction supplements from this site http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au ?

Any one lucky?

Has anyone tried acai berry weight reduction supplements from this site “http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au”? Anybody with positive results so far?

Cancer cure

by snappy1 - February 05, 2011

I came across Miracle Mineral Solutions supplement in this site "http://www.mmshealthy4life.com". Can anyone let me know about the product? Any success stories?

As convincing as it may sound, it is completely false. Cosmetics are regulated by the FDA and in turn, would not allow dangerous amounts of lead into a product. Most lipsticks do not contain any lead; however, if it contains lead, the content would be so small that it would not have any effect.

So, you are safe in using your favorite shade of lipstick. In general it is advisable to avoid applying lipstick for longer duration. If your job needs that, they make it a point to wipe it clean.

RE: Insomnia

by snappy1 - February 03, 2011

I am sorry for your health condition. You can keep some boring books by your bed. The moment you feel awake start reading those books. Reading boring books may make feel asleep at least for a little while. Play a soothing music all night just to make you fall asleep. Most importantly stop worrying about your sleeplessness. Have some positive thoughts every night like ‘you are sleeping well for more hours, you don’t feel any pain or discomfort and wake up fresh in the mornings’ before going to sleep. Try this and it will definitely bring change in your sleep pattern.

RE: depression

by snappy1 - February 03, 2011

I am so sorry about the situation. But please think from your husband’s point of you. He may be frustrated about his state of illness. He may think that you are worried about your needs and not his. He may not be emotionally comfortable with you. Sorry to blame you for everything. Now it is your turn to handle this situation and make him feel comfortable. Approach him as a friend than a wife. Try to recreate those happy moments you both shared together. I totally agree you have lived 16 years supporting your husband and you too need a vent for your frustrations. Do not lose your heart. Consult a counselor for advice or discuss your problems with a trustworthy person. Once your problems are vented out, you’ll feel better. Sit with your husband and explain the situation you are going through. Make him understand that life can be lived happily no matter how short the duration is. Make him realize how he is wasting his time feeling angry about the situation. Raise his spirits to enjoy the life the way it is. Let him see the best things in life. You will definitely succeed and live a happy life with your husband.


All the best.

RE: Cleaning The Home

by snappy1 - February 01, 2011

Chlorine is a common ingredient used in all chemical cleaning products. Constant exposure to chlorine will lead to breast cancer.


If you choose to do self-breast exam, follow the steps described below.

In the mirror:

  1. Stand undressed from the waist up in front of a large mirror in a well-lit room. Look at your breasts. Don't be alarmed if they do not look equal in size or shape. Most women's breasts aren't. With your arms relaxed by your sides, look for any changes in size, shape, or position, or any changes to the skin of the breasts. Look for any skin puckering, dimpling, sores, or discoloration. Inspect your nipples and look for any sores, peeling, or change in the direction of the nipples.
  2. Next, place your hands on your hips and press down firmly to tighten the chest muscles beneath your breasts. Turn from side to side so you can inspect the outer part of your breasts.
  3. Then bend forward toward the mirror. Roll your shoulders and elbows forward to tighten your chest muscles. Your breasts will fall forward. Look for any changes in the shape or contour of your breasts.
  4. Now, clasp your hands behind your head and press your hands forward. Again, turn from side to side to inspect your breasts' outer portions. Remember to inspect the border underneath your breasts. You may need to lift your breasts with your hand to see this area.
  5. Check your nipples for discharge (fluid). Place your thumb and forefinger on the tissue surrounding the nipple and pull outward toward the end of the nipple. Look for any discharge. Repeat on your other breast.

    In the shower:

  6. Now, it's time to feel for changes in the breast. It is helpful to have your hands slippery with soap and water. Check for any lumps or thickening in your underarm area. Place your left hand on your hip and reach with your right hand to feel in the left armpit. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Check both sides for lumps or thickenings above and below your collarbone.
  8. With hands soapy, raise one arm behind your head to spread out the breast tissue. Use the flat part of your fingers from the other hand to press gently into the breast. Follow an up-and-down pattern along the breast, moving from bra line to collarbone. Continue the pattern until you have covered the entire breast. Repeat on the other side.

    Lying down:

  9. Next, lie down and place a small pillow or folded towel under your right shoulder. Put your right hand behind your head. Place your left hand on the upper portion of your right breast with fingers together and flat. Body lotion may help to make this part of the exam easier.
  10. Think of your breast as a face on a clock. Start at 12 o'clock and move toward 1 o'clock in small circular motions. Continue around the entire circle until you reach 12 o'clock again. Keep your fingers flat and in constant contact with your breast. When the circle is complete, move in one inch toward the nipple and complete another circle around the clock. Continue in this pattern until you've felt the entire breast. Make sure to feel the upper outer areas that extend into your armpit.
  11. Place your fingers flat and directly on top of your nipple. Feel beneath the nipple for any changes. Gently press your nipple inward. It should move easily.

RE: quitting smoking

by snappy1 - January 31, 2011


Try nicotine flavored chewing gums to quit smoking. It is proving to be a successful alternative for cigarettes. It is a boon to all those who wants to quit smoking.

Aspartame is a common component in artificial sweeteners. Let us avoid using the artificial sweeteners and add some healthy natural sweetening agents to avoid life threatening cancer. Natural sweeteners are low in Glycemic Index compared to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Honey, date sugar, agaves nectar, coconut sugar, barley malt, fructose, maple syrup, maple sugar, maltose, molasses, barley syrup and sorghum syrup are few natural sweeteners. Follow a healthy lifestyle and live happily.

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