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Colon Cancer
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This Updated Picture was taked 07/04/2010 This is my Dad. I am assisting my Very Strong step-father in his battle of stage 4 colon cancer. He has done 2/6 months rounds of chemo & is awaiting test results to see if he can do Immunatherpy. If he can not the Dr. says he's out of options. I won't give up and neither will he!!! Well Update...He was able to do immunatherapy, however June 21st, the dr stopped it and said he was out of options. My Dad is still getting around..been fighting this cancer since dec.2008. We are currently studying fighting cancer from within..I can not believe how clearly cancer is from diet! Even through diet you can prevent and even possibly cure hereditry cancer. Reverse it!! check out www.eden-valley.org then if you live to far from it, seek a facility closer to you. there out there..I found one in Va! My Dad starts Oct.3rd!!!!

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