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Keep after the doctors and don't worry. Stress does not help, harder to do than say, I know. Did anyone say you had myeloma?

RE: Time for a transplant

by stevem57 - June 12 at 9:57 PM

thanks so much

Time for a transplant

by stevem57 - June 09 at 2:17 PM


Been a while since I was here. I started with MGUS 7 years ago then moved to smoldering and now the onc says it's time for ASCT. I am interested in recommendations on the best place for a stem cell transplant. I live in Kansas, has anyone used CTCA in Tulsa?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it's a lonely life. You don't feel well. It just gets tiring. I do have a supportive family and church that help me through. May I put you on our prayer list? I hate that lonely feeling.


It is not the site it used to be. People were chased off if they were deemed as not sick enough to be here. That sent me away as well. I drop by for a look once in a while but it's quiet and unwelcoming here.

Worry wo't help anything :) wait and see what the results are. A single lesion can usually be handled with a few shots of radiation. There are many expert folks here who can fill you in.

RE: Freelite Ratio

by stevem57 - April 24, 2013

Thanks Billy, I appreciate it.

RE: Freelite Ratio

by stevem57 - April 22, 2013

Is 38 signifigant?

Freelite Ratio

by stevem57 - April 20, 2013

HI Everyone,

I am classified as smoldering myeloma right now. My freelite ratio has been more tha doubling for several years in row. Last year it was 14, now is 38. My M-spike has remained level at about 1.2, what does the k/l ratio mean if anything? Thanks for info.


RE: MGUS bone pain

by stevem57 - January 18, 2013

It really is condition "time bomb". I've been living with it for 5 years now and the pain is increasing. I have a great pain clinic that helps, I get epidurals on a regular basis. I have been moved up to smoldering level so the bomb is still ticking. Lower limbs need to be x-rayed. Take care of yourself no matter what the doctor says, put your well being at the forefront! It's your life and your pain. I am putting you on my church and personal prayer list.

Be well,


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