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    hi,    I am Sunzida H , my father diagnosed as ca colon stage B2 last year. I am so worried about him. I went to Bangladesh from London for his treatment purpose. We went to National Cancer Center Singapore for his further treatment as he already underwent right hemicolectomy on dec'11. We recieved very helpful environment there . Everyone of the hospital was very friendly to us. After some investigation d...

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      I am only 27. I had a surgery for fibroadenoma. Though its a bening tumor of breast, I had have a post operative complication 'venous thrombosis'. I have a bad family history. 3 of my paternal aunts died in cancer eg. stomach cancer, ca breast, rcc. My grandfather died for prostate cancer with bone mets. Recently my father diagnosed as colon cancer stage B2. Is there anyone who have treated for this stage and now hav...

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