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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Mrsrcc, I took your advice and called her, I have a feeling that things are going to be a bit bumpy for everyone for a while to come but that first conversation seems to have got the ball rolling. Good advice thanks. We now have a weekly check in call set up, so that we can stay in touch and she knows she can call me sooner if she needs to talk/scream/cry. Which I am happy to repo...

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      So here is the deal, I acted as my best friends husbands caregiver, I love my friend and I did everything I could to try and help but I feel like I failed them both. At best I'm socialy awkward, and from the moment my plane landed I bungled things up, I entered his hospital room and asked "How are you?" And things ended with me and her mother getting into a row because she is a rude snarky witch who cares nothing at...

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