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    It is so hard to get questions and drs. just want you to believe it will be ok after they do the laser.  I guess I am wondering if you are told severe dyplasia and you are one step of having evasive cancer.  If the laser did not work how fast will this dyplasia travel to become cancer.  this is so hard.  I am 51 was smoking until the day i found out about this. What else can i do?

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      I have always been a strong woman. I told myself when my 15 year old son committed suicide 17 years ago and I survived it that I could do anything.  No its not cancer but it's closer to cancer than I care to get.  I am trying to be strong and act brave but I am shaking inside big time. I am trying to be positive but all the what if's are there. I  had a hystretomy right after my son died was told you d...

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