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Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer

I was diagnosed with colo/rectal cancer on March 4, 2009. It was a high stage 3 just before rupturing the rectal wall. Had 28 treatments of radiation and took Xeloda twice a day. 3500 mgs. Stopped radiation and come off chemo for one month to get strength for surgery. Had surgery in June 2009 for removal of partial colon and rectum. Permanent colostomy. Back on IV chemo, Oxilaplatin , and 3500 mgs. of Xeloda at home until November of 2009. Started all testing over again, scans, all the works. Everything is looking good. I live life and appreciate every day and thank God for all my blessings. God holds all future results in his hands and I intend to do my part by living and loving all my family and friends and try to help someone else if I can. Mans timetable is not always Gods timetable. Strong will and determination is a good medicine.

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