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    I have one quick question.  Is the Paxil/breast cancer risk saying it increases the risk of 'getting' breast cancer or is it saying it increases the risk of dying from it if you take it during treatment for breast cancer?  I know there are so many of us who have relied on this tablet for years, and my doctor told me it was absolutely safe. (10 years ago)    I asked my doctor during my physica...

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      When I was in Tahiti, our tour guide said the average lifespan of a native Tahitian is 54 years old due to their consumption of Coconut oil.  Heart attacks. It's so interesting now that I am having digestive difficulties, my docs are recommending coconut oil as beneficial....those medium chain triglicerides are the key. (MCT oil)  I take MCT oil every day. 

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        Ps to Leonard My father says the same thing....something is wrong and he is watching me starve to death before his eyes.  It's strange, but I do have energy.....

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          Leonard, Since May I have had CT. CTw/contract, Esophageal Echo, 3 heart echoes, chest xray, blood work (12 vials just last week) thyroid. They know protein and fat are not being digested completely.  BMI lower than 18. 5'10 125 lbs. Eyes are clear, blood pressure 100/70.  I have been to a cardio, an internal med., a gastro, two gastros out of network.  One gastro says send me to Mayo clinic in P...

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            Thank you, Leonard.  You are a valuable resource.  My new doc gave me an anti-nausea med that seems to head-off losing my calories, but it does make me sleepy.  I just wish there was a doc that didn't look so puzzled when they read my blood, scan, etc. results.  They all agree my BMI is decreasing, and my body isn't absorbing nutrition, but cannot find the cause  My gastro is starting to...

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              Thank you so much for your responses.  I have had CTs, echos, xrays, blood work, etc etct...Everything points to a slight thyroid problem, but other than that, every organ has no abnormalities, etc.  I don't know what else to do.  I don't feel like I am wasting precious time as I have been very active in getting tests done and seeing different types of specialists. (gastro, internal med, cardio, & ...

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                Thank you.  I will ask my doctor about those two meds .Digestive disorders impact everything. 

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                  Hello. I have had IBS for 20 years & had gallbladder removed 10 years ago.  I have currently developed extreme nausea and throw up sour yellow bile each evening. Scans have revealed everything is working, no tumors, but have severe inflamation throughout my digestive system.  I have dropped 15 lbs in 6 months.  My gastro is at a loss as to why this is happening, and wants to refer me to t...

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                    Hello everyone.  I am new to this site, and I am hoping your expertise will lead me in the right direction.  My 8 year old bulldog has been drinking excessive amounts of water the past month or so.  His urine output is directly proportional, so I thought it was just a sign of old age for bullies. Yesterday I came home from work, and he had clawed and chewed his way through the wood door frame, eaten th...

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                      Mean1, I have to say this is not uncommon.  It happened to my husband when he was dx w/lung cancer.  His family called once in a while, but I had to beg them to come over to see him for his birthday in January.  They never bothered themselves to come over again, and he passed that Sept.  At his funeral, they cried the crocodile tears and said they couldn't bear to see him ill and that they didn't ...

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                      Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell

                      Hello everyone. I am the wife (29 years) of a wonderful man who was diagnosed last fall with Stage 4 nsclc adenocarconoma with mets to lymph nodes, pelvis and kidney. This news has been devastating, but we're trying to live our lives as normally as possible. My husband and I go to work every day and pray that the Good Lord decides to allow him to live the remainder of his life in good health. God Bless and Stay Strong!

                      Update: Going on an Alaskan Cruise. It's one that JP has always wanted to take, even though the enjoyment factor is diminished. We feel like we're completing a 'bucket list'.
                      My beloved man passed away in Sept. He went downhill so quickly that I still can't get my head around it. He was doing SO well, and then he developed blood clots and ascites, and that was it. Took him down in one month.
                      The holiday season is SO difficult, but I do have a loving family to look after me. It's just that my home is so quiet now, and everthing we did together for 30 years is now a solo experience. I know he is with our Lord Jesus Christ, and until the day I join him(hopefully) I am going to try to live well. God Bless all of you Warriors and caregivers out there.

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