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    were not getting any good news on my god daughters glioblastoma diagnosis. she is 15, will be 16 in 2 months, she does not know Exactly what she has, and like most teens she is annoyed by this Cancer, but has no idea that the Medical world stats say she very well may not beat this. I know we will have to tell her the truth sometime, and possbily talk about dying. HOW DO YOU DO THIS!! anyone have this unfornunate exp...

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      thanks! she has been under the treatment of the childrens hospital in omaha NE. they will not operate on her again. they say they cant get deep enough into her brain stem to get the whole tumor and yes it will probably just grow back. We are looking into a clinic in Boston and yes St Judes. everything I read is so grim! I CANNOT imagine this child dying.... there has to be something, but mostly everything pertains t...

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        My god daugther was disgosed with a stage IV glio in Nov. 2011. the docs got most of the tumor out but it was all the way down into her brain stem. this past year with a very high round of radiation, monthly chemo, and temadar. the remaining tumor has not grown. SHe is seemingly doing great! On 12-27-12 her MRI showed the tumor is growing back!! We are all devestated. I havent heard of anyone this young with this nas...

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