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    Hey! Well I can report that I'll be hitting 33 weeks of pregnancy this Friday and everything is still going with no hitch.  I did have a placenta previa at the beginning of the second trimester that corrected itself.  The previa caused one bleed out at around 14 weeks that was terrifying (I thought I was losing the baby) but everything turned out to be just fine.  Other than that it has been an unremar...

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      Hey. I’m new on this board and am here to share my trachelectomy story. In 2010 I started getting abnormal pap smear results from the doc who was my gyno at the time. She kept performing colposcopies and the results would always come back as ‘normal’. I didn’t have any symptoms apart from intense fatigue that got worse into 2011. In the summer of 2011 my boyfriend and I moved to a new area of ...

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