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    I would just like to make an update about my mom's state. After about a thrid of radiation and chemo my mom got very sick and ended up in hospital again. Surgeon told us that the therapy didn't even touch the tumor and he had hardly accepted to do the second surgery. And recovery has been going really hard - her left side has been paralyzed. We have refused to continue radiation and chemo and found nutritionist who a...

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      Nappu, glad to hear you succeeded. My mother is 52 and also has glioblastoma in the front of her right temporal lope. At the moment she is gonig to her first 6 weeks of radiation and Temodal treatment, finishing her second week right now. Could using bicarb treatment do her any harm now? I didn't understand when exactly your husband started using it. Also, is it necessary to use maple sirup and could honey replace i...

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