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    Steve, what type of chemo did your wife recieve that put her into remission with the liver tumors.  I have mets to liver now. please let my know all the types of chemo she has done  Thanks Christy

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        My liver biopsies and pet scan came back positive for cancer. They saw 2 spots on my ct scan and 2 on the liver MRI.  Within a week the pet scan showed 3 spots now. 6 to 12 months to live, hopefully with this EOX chemo it will shrink my 3 tumors on my liver and buy me more time to live.  I also may be starting a chemo drug called Herceptin used with breast cancer patients, just had a muga scan on my heart t...

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        I am 43 years old, married, and have identical 10 y.o. twin girls. Recently, I found out I had reflux esophagitis, hiatial hernia and an ulcer that was sitting on a tangerine size mass in the antrum part of my stomach . Gastro Dr said it wasn't cancer but biopsy said it was dysplasia(pre-cancerous cells)that had to be removed. On June 3,2010 the surgeon removed part of my duodeum, partial gasterectomy, and removed my gallbladder. The Dr said the tumor in my stomach was adenocarcinoma also the Dr. noticed and removed a small benign tumor on my liver and removed 15 lymph nodes which were negative and benign. Pathology said I am a T3N0Mx which puts me in the IIA stage of cancer. On June 24,2010 I will be seeing an oncologist to see about chemo and radiation and what is next. Please pray for me and any words of advice or encouragement through this process are greatly appreciated. UPDATE-July 19,2010 I started chemo treatments and 5 1/2 weeks of radiation and more chemo. On Nov.12,2010 I finished with my last chemo treatment. Getting blood tests in 2 weeks and on Dec. 15th I will get my first PET scan. Happy to be done and hoping for a clean scan. UPDATE:Had a clean PET SCAN and very excited about the good news! In 6 months I will get another CT Scan and endoscope procedure

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