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    Glocoma at first than nothing your fine you are just going blind for no reason. I don't know what is wrong with you. than it was Brain Cancer I was 17 years old and I do not remeber the stage or the type I remeber being afaid and being told that I will not make it. I am sorry that I do not remember the type. I will look at my records and let you know when I find them.

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      That is just how I felt. For years I thought I was alone and that I was the only one Going through this but there is so many people out there with the same issues and we need to stick together and be strong. I thought that no man would love me again after having cancer but my fight made the man of my dreams fall in love with me. And at the time he met me I had started teatment again. I also had Three girls all under ...

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        Hello I am here to offer help. I am here to listen. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know I want to help. I know first hand what it is like to fight. I have been battling Brain cancer for 10 years now. I was told over and over that I will not make it another day or another year. I will not give up and I do not want others to either. I want to share my story and I want to help all that I can. I do ...

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        I was 17 years old when I was told by my doctor that I had brain Cancer. I had just had my first child she was only 3 months old when they told me I was sick. I didn't know what to do.

        I'll tell you this now I have 4 children and I'm 26 years old. I am healthy as can be. I am not perfect but who is. I want to help other win the fight against the odds.

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