Green Tea Most Common Alternative Cancer Medicine

by: cancercompass

Women who use complementary or alternative medicines, in an effort to prevent cancer, consume green tea more than any other alternatives. That's according to a study conducted in Australia and presented at a recent cancer conference in Chicago.

Australian cancer specialists studied nearly 900 women with a family history of breast cancer. While use of complementary medicines was high among the women - about 50% - researchers say it is comparable to the national average.

Green tea was found to be the most widely used non-conventional therapy among women in the study who said they specifically use complementary medicines believing they will help to prevent cancer.

In addition to green tea, a low fat diet, massage therapy, omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and supplements were also commonly used among the women studied.

However, the researchers say the majority of the women studied use complementary medicines as part of a healthy lifestyle, not to help prevent cancer.  

The study may be one of the largest investigations into alternative therapy use for disease prevention.