Black Patients Have Greater Risk of Colon Cancer

by: cancercompass

According to a study published this week in The Journal of the American Medical Association, black men and women have a greater chance of developing cancerous polyps in the colon.

Researchers found that colon polyp incidence rates are 15.5% to 23% higher in black individuals. In addition, the study found that colorectal cancer death rates for black men and women are 38% to 43% higher than for white men and women.

Authors of the study stated, "In summary, we find that asymptomatic black men and women undergoing colonoscopy screening are more likely to have 1 or more polyps sized more than 9 mm compared with white individuals. The differences were especially striking among women. These findings emphasize the importance of encouraging all black men and women to be screened."

The study used data from 67 practice sites in 25 states, including private practices, academic sites, and Department of Veterans Affairs sites.