Study: Coffee Doesn't Increase Breast Cancer Risk

by: cancercompass

Women who like their morning cup of coffee can enjoy it a little more knowing their cancer risk won't increase.

Caffeine doesn't increase an overall breast cancer risk, according to a study published this week by Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Tokyo Women's Medical University.

Making healthy lifestyle choices to decrease cancer risk has often been the best preventive medicine. The study addressed specific concerns that large amounts of coffee would increase breast cancer risk.

While overall coffee didn't increase risk, researchers plan further study on caffeine's effect on estrogen and progesterone receptor-negative cancers and benign breast disease in women consuming large amounts of coffee.

The current study monitored nearly 40,000 women, ages 45 and older, for 10 years, during which time 1,188 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Results showed women consuming caffeinated beverages and foods didn't have an overall higher breast cancer risk. Among the women who consumed the most caffeine, those with non-benign breast disease posed a slightly higher breast cancer risk.