Exercise Linked to Decreased Uterine Cancer Risk in Overweight Women

by: cancercompass

Even two hours of moderate-paced walking per week can reduce endometrial cancer risk in obese and overweight women.

That's according to the American Cancer Society's prospective Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort study released last week. The study recommends exercise for all women, however overall findings suggest overweight or obese women see more risk reduction than non-overweight women by introducing moderate exercise.

Doctors at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta identified 466 cases of endometrial cancers between 1992 and 2003 among 43,000 postmenopausal women with uteri still intact. The women answered questions regarding their physical activity. Those with low-to-moderate activity levels, such as walking and biking, and were obese or overweight, saw more risk reduction than thinner, more active woman.

Doctors say physical activity, when introduced into a sedentary lifestyle of an overweight woman, reduces insulin sensitivity and the bioavailability of estrogen. Therefore, the risk reduction that obese women may experience with moderate physical activity is a biological reaction.