Drug Combo May Benefit HER-2 Positive Breast Cancer Patients

by: cancercompass

An international study suggests adding lapatinib to paclitaxel to treat metastatic breast cancer in HER-2-positive patients.

Dr. Angelo Di Leo, of Prato Hospital in Prato, Italy, and colleagues evaluated 579 women who were randomly given paclitaxel along with either lapatinib or a placebo.

Researchers reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology that there was no overall difference in response between the two groups in HER-2-negative or HER-2-untested patients.

However, 86 HER-2-positive patients in the paclitaxel-lapatinib group had significant improvements in time to progression, objective response rate, clinical benefit rate, and event-free survival (4 of 5 end points being recorded).

Evaluation of the study's findings concerning HER-2-positive breast cancer patients is ongoing.