Urine Tests May One Day Detect Aggressive Prostate Cancers

by: cancercompass

Aggressive forms of prostate cancer may one day be detected with a urine test, say researchers from the University of Michigan.

Further testing and validation of U of M's research is underway, but the British journal Nature published initial findings this month.

Nature News, the journal's reporting arm, discussed the study findings with lead author Christopher Beecher.

Basic findings suggest higher concentrations of sarcosine, a small molecule in urine, were found in advanced forms of prostate cancer. Researchers also said adding sarcosine to benign prostate cells caused cancerous behavior in the healthy cells.

Researchers said their findings could lead to a urine test that detects aggressive prostate cancer.

Various other news outlets, including U.S. News & World Report and BBC News also reported on the findings.

Currently urine tests are used to detect blood in the urine, which is a symptom associated with prostate cancer.  Learn more about prostate cancer diagnosis and understand the prostate cancer disease process.