Study Suggests Cancer Survivors at Risk for Depression

by: cancercompass

A new study shows that survivors of cancer are at an increased risk for suffering from depression.

Danish researchers investigated whether cancer survivors have a heightened risk for being hospitalized for depression. Their study was published online this month in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Researchers analyzed records from the Danish Cancer Registry for adults diagnosed with cancer between 1973 and 2003. These patient records were then compared to Danish Psychiatric Register records.

Investigators found increased depression risk in the first year after a cancer diagnosis in women with colorectal cancer and men with brain cancer. In subsequent years even though the risk of depression decreased slightly, researchers still found it to be in significant excess for specific cancers.

Researchers also found the risk of depression remained substantially high throughout the study period for both men and women suffering hormone-related cancers, for women surviving smoking-related cancers, and for men surviving virus and immune-related cancers.