Surgery/Chemo Combo Shows Results in CLM Cases

by: cancercompass

New research, published in a study online at the Journal of Clinical Oncology, suggests "rescue surgery" combined with "downsizing chemotherapy" increases survival rates for patients with unresectable colorectal liver metastases (CLM).

Researchers evaluated 184 patients who underwent resection between April 1988 and July 2002 and were a mean age of 56.9 years. The surgery was possible after one or more lines of chemotherapy.

In their findings, researchers discovered that after follow up with 148 patients, 24 survived at least or more than five years without cancer. Of those 148 patients, six were considered cured only after a repeat surgery after recurrence. 12 "cured" patients were  disease-free for 10 or more years.  Patients surviving five or more years often had three or fewer metastases less than 30 mm at diagnosis and responded well to first-line chemotherapy.  

Researchers concluded that an overall cure can be reached in "16% of patients with initially unresectable CLM resected after downsizing chemotherapy."  Along with increased survival this approach also has the potential for disease eradication.