New Message Board Discussions: Share Your Cancer Experience

by: cancercompass

Caregivers often look for ways to ease treatment burdens for family members fighting cancer.  Learning from the experiences of cancer patients undergoing similar treatments can help.  Caregiver Smith7007 is looking to hear from rectal cancer patients who have experienced problems similar to her father's issues since undergoing surgery more than a year ago. Share your thoughts.


Problems sleeping may prevent both cancer patients and their caregivers from a restful night's sleep.  James2334 is asking for advice about how to help his father, who is fighting Glioblastoma, get the rest his needs. Join the discussion.


Maintaining quality of life while fighting cancer is an important part of a patient's overall treatment.  Cancer patients who are frequent travelers, or who just love to travel, may feel that it's important to continue to travel in order to maintain quality of life.  Melissa W, a 31-year-old lung cancer patient, has set a goal for herself to travel to New Zealand.  She's interested in thoughts or feedback about her plans. Share your thoughts.