Share Hope: Recent CancerCompass Message Board Posts

by: cancercompass

New prostate cancer treatments are helping with some of the unpleasant side effects associated with traditional therapies. However, when one treatment is working it can be a difficult decision to switch treatments in an effort to lessen side effects. Survivor Bluefish1 is looking for opinions about whether switching from Elagard to Casadex is good idea. Share your thoughts.


How a person's body responds to cancer treatment can vary from individual to individual. But hearing about someone else's experience with a similar cancer diagnosis can provide some insight. Caregiver Caro7lk, whose father was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma, is looking for advice on what she should expect next. Share your experience.


New research from Spain suggests that THC, an active ingredient in marijuana, stimulates brain cancer cell death, reports Forbes. Caregiver TruthFreesYou is curious about how doctors could use THC to help his father, who is suffering late stage brain cancer. Join the discussion.