Study Analyzes Chemo Effects in Women Over 65

by: cancercompass

Chemotherapy effects are often analyzed in younger breast cancer patients, but the disease is more common in older women, reports CNN. A recent CNN article discusses a new study from The New England Journal of Medicine that analyzes the effects of chemotherapy in women over 65.

Researchers randomly assigned 600 women to receive a mix of standard chemotherapy drugs delivered via IV drip, or capecitabine, an oral drug used in treating late-stage breast cancer.

Researchers stopped the trial early when the chemo mix was proved to be more effective than the oral drug, says CNN. Women taking capecitabine were twice as likely to die and twice as likely to have their cancer return as women taking standard chemotherapy. However, the effects of standard chemo were harsher than the pill.

Overall, standard chemotherapy was found to be "superior to capecitabine" for women 65 and older with early stage breast cancer, according to the NEJM study.

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