Study Suggests Possible Link Between Cancer and Workplace Formaldehyde Exposure

by: cancercompass

Researchers say workers exposed to formaldehyde may be at greater risk of lymphatic cancer and myeloid leukemia. USA Today reports on this recent study, which appears in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute followed more than 25,000 workers, for a median of 42 years. Using estimates on the amount of formaldehyde each person was exposed to on the job, researchers were able to compare "peak" exposure times.

According to USA Today, the study shows that workers with the highest peak exposure times were 37% more likely to die from lymphatic cancer and 78% more likely to die from myeloid leukemia. However, overall risk of death from these cancers was relatively low, causing 319 of 14,000 deaths during the study.

The JNCI study goes on to mention that more than 2 million Americans are exposed to formaldehyde in the workplace.