New Test for Early Identification of Cervical Cancer

by: cancercompass

A new cancer diagnosis tool may help detect pre-cancerous cells in the cervix more efficiently than a pap smear, reports Reuters.

Zetiq, an Israeli-based company specializing in cancer diagnostic tools, claims its CellDetect™ technology can detect pre-cancerous cells in 90% of patients.

During recent clinical trials, researchers collected and processed cervical smears from 74 women using a cytology method. Each smear was examined using three methods: staining with the traditional Pap method, HPV testing and finally Zetiq's CellDetect™ technology.

Overall, testing showed Zetiq's CellDetect™ technology to have an average sensitivity of 90%, higher than the sensitivity of a Pap test and similar to an HPV test, and a specifity of 74%, higher than the specifity of an HPV test and similar to a Pap test.

In a company press release, Zetiq officials say the analysis was also conducted by an independent professional.

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