Share Hope: Recent CancerCompass Message Board Posts

by: cancercompass

Acupuncture is sometimes used in combination with traditional cancer treatments to relieve symptoms associated with cancer. Patient Jeffrey1 is asking if any CancerCompass community members have had experience with acupuncture being beneficial for BAC (bronchioloalveolar carcinoma). Share your experience.


Living far away from a family member who is losing their fight with cancer can be difficult for both the long distance caregiver and the patient. Caregiver EduardoNJ talks about his father-in-law's fight with stomach cancer as he and his wife struggle with living so far from him. Share your thoughts.


Trusting your instincts about your body can be difficult when your physician says otherwise. Member Babies discusses her emergency room visit after a LEEP procedure, in an effort to help others trust their instincts when something feels wrong. Share your experience.