Paxil May Help Cancer-Related Memory & Cognitive Issues

by: cancercompass

A National Cancer Institute-supported study suggests Paxil, an antidepressant, may help mental impairments that occur in some cancer patients.

Reporting on the study, Megan Rauscher at Reuters quotes Dr. Pascal Jean-Pierre from the University of Rochester, New York, a researcher conducting the study. Pascal says memory and cognitive function are impacted by cancer and its treatment.  

Because these cancer-related impairments share networks in the brain with depression, Jean-Pierre and colleagues analyzed the effects of Paxil in nearly 800 cancer patients age 22 to 87.

"Significant differences" were found between the patients' reported memory problems after their first round of chemotherapy treatment prior to Paxil and after four cycles of chemo with Paxil, reports Reuters.

Researchers say this study warrants further investigation into using Paxil with chemotherapy treatments.

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