Tall Men May Have Greater Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

by: cancercompass

Height may play a role in manifestations of prostate cancer, say US and German researchers.

Study chief Jiyoung Ahn, of the New York University School of Medicine, told Reuters Health, "tallness is associated with increased risk for younger onset aggressive prostate cancer." Ahn's comment follows research they conducted that analyzed data from a screening study involving 34,268 men.

According to their research, which was published in the British Journal of Cancer, 144 men developed prostate cancer during a follow up period of 8.9 years.

Overall findings suggest cancer risk was not greater in tall men, but the risk of having more aggressive prostate cancer tended to be greater in taller men. Reuters summarized these finding by saying that "compared to men who were around 5 feet 7 inches -- 170 cm or less - those who were taller than roughly 6 feet 3 inches -- 190 cm or more - had a 39% higher risk for aggressive cancer."

Also, this risk was seen predominately in men younger than 65.

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