Study Reveals People More Likely to Have Bad Attitudes About Colon Cancer Screening

by: cancercompass

Research about colorectal cancer attitudes may help create strategies to get more people screened, reports Reuters.

A new study found men and people of South Asian descent were more likely to have less favorable perceptions of colon cancer screenings. Researchers noted that attitude is a key determining factor as to whether a person receives the testing. Encouraging these screenings improve the chances of detecting the disease in early stages, which in turn improves overall survival, reports Reuters.

To understand these reluctant attitudes, researchers surveyed 11,355 people. Overall findings were 14% of those surveyed had negative perceptions of colorectal cancer screening in general and 55% of people had the same opinion of a colonoscopy.

Men, older people and people of South Asian descent were more negative about colon cancer screenings, according to the study.