Scientists Say New Microchip Can Detect Cancer

by: cancercompass

Using nanotechnology, University of Toronto researchers have built a microchip they say will detect early stage cancers, reports ComputerWorld.

Scientists say the chip, built with nanowires, can detect the type and severity of the disease by sensing trace amounts of cancer biomarkers. These biomarkers are biologic molecules that indicate the presence or progression of cancer.
This latest nanotechnology advancement was announced just one month after scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine said they created "nanobees." In an experiment involving mice, scientists were able to use nanobees to deliver bee venom called melittin to cancerous tumor cells.

Other advancements in nanotechnology announced earlier this year were made by MIT scientists, who say they used nanoparticles to deliver genes to kill ovarian tumors in mice. In addition, MIT scientists developed gold nanoparticles that kill cancerous tumors with heat without damaging the surrounding tissue.