New Book Discusses Ways Men Can Help Women Cope with Breast Cancer Diagnosis

by: cancercompass

John W. Anderson shares insights from his new book Stand By Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men in an article published by the NY Daily News.

Anderson's book is intended to be a guide that helps men understand the meaningful role they play in a woman's breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Anderson wrote the book after three women in his life were diagnosed with breast cancer: his mother, his wife and his sister. His mother battled breast cancer for a decade before passing away in 1998. His wife was diagnosed in 2001 and his sister was diagnosed the following year. Both women survived the disease.

There are two major points Anderson discusses in his book to help men understand what they can do when a woman they love is diagnosed with cancer:
1) Nothing. He encourages men to heed the advice of Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, "The way to do is to be." Don't rush to solve the problem, instead he says "take your lead from her actions."
2) Listen. Mirror her mood, says Anderson, pointing out that it's important not to just talk at her. He suggests validating her feelings and only giving your opinion if she asks for it.
How have you helped your wife, sister or mother deal with breast cancer? Discuss Anderson's advice and share your own experiences in helping your loved one cope with the disease by joining the conversation at our Breast Cancer Discussion Board.