Husband & Wife Both Face Breast Cancer Diagnosis

by: cancercompass

ABC News recently featured the struggle of a husband and wife in Munro, Ohio who are battling breast cancer together.

Less than a year after Barbara Welsh, 63, had a lump removed from her breast, her husband, Mike Welsh, 62, found a lump on the right side of his own chest. While Mike was sent for a mammography, his wife says, "they looked at him like he was crazy."

According to ABC News, Mike was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy.

Even though men and women both have breast tissue, woman have 100 times the risk of most men, according to the American Cancer Institute. But just because a man's risk is less, doesn't mean there isn't reason for concern.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 1,910 men will receive a breast cancer diagnosis this year with 440 men dying from the disease.

Watch ABC's video about this brave couple.

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