Movember Raises Money for Prostate & Testicular Cancer Research

by: cancercompass

A grass roots campaign is urging men to grow mustaches in November to support prostate and testicular cancer awareness, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Australian expat Adam Garone founded the "Movember" ("mo" is Aussie slang for mustache) Foundation to give men a natural way to raise money and awareness. Participants register at as a team or an individual and then ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor their hair growth. All participants begin November clean shaven, and for the next 30 days, grow hair solely between the nose and mouth (no beards and no goatees).

Garone started the campaign after a conversation in a Melbourne pub. He and his friends decided this "hairy ribbon" was a great way to help raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Worldwide the organization has raised $47 million for prostate cancer research. Garone brought the fundraiser to the United States when he moved to Venice, California in 2007; that first year U.S. participants raised $600,000. 

This year Movember fundraising will be split between the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.