New Study Compares Smoking Cessation Methods

by: cancercompass

New research supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) claims nicotine lozenges combined with nicotine patches provide the greatest benefit for smokers looking to kick the habit.

To date, this three-year project supported by NCI and the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is the largest study to compare smoking cessation therapies. The goal of the study was to compare smoking cessation methods to find which combination of these therapies is more effective.

Researchers compared the effects of various combinations of the nicotine patch, the nicotine lozenge and the oral medication bupropion on 1,500 smokers. The treatments lasted between 8 to 12 weeks. Study participants also received six one-on-one counseling sessions from trained case managers in addition to the medication.

Researchers found a nicotine lozenge paired with the nicotine patch was twice as effective for staying smoke-free six months after quitting.