Milk Thistle May Better Support Chemotherapy Treatments

by: cancercompass

The herb milk thistle has been used for centuries as a way to remedy liver ailments, protect the organ from toxins and as an antidote to deathcap mushroom poisoning.

A new study finds that the herb may also help cancer patients. Liver inflammation can sometimes causes cancer patients to take lower doses of their chemotherapy drug regimens, which can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

The 56-day study gave children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia oral treatments of milk thistle. According to MedPage Today, the children showed evidence that milk thistle may be an effective supportive-care agent.

In a press release by the American Cancer Society, Kara M. Kelly, MD said, "milk thistle needs to be studied further, to see how effective it is for a longer course of treatment, and whether it works well in reducing liver inflammation in other types of cancers and with other types of chemotherapy."

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