, Empowering Cancer Patients

by: cancercompass

Being diagnosed with cancer can be an incredibly unsettling experience for the patient and their loved ones. At, we strive to provide cancer patients with information to help them make informed decisions. is also a community, where people can share their cancer experiences in a supportive environment.

Below is a list of our resources:

Cancer Atlas®
The Cancer Atlas® is an education tool featuring 3-D medical animations of various types of common cancers, diagnostic tools, and medical treatments and procedures.

Cancer News
This section of our website provides the latest information in general cancer news. Patients can filter the news to get the latest information on one particular type of cancer too.

Cancer Blog
Our blog provides current events in the cancer community, as well as stories, studies, and information we believe are beneficial to cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers and more.

Cancer Information
This section of our website provides a wealth of information regarding common cancers like: risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, side effects, recovery, and research.

Cancer Newsletter
Our newsletter allows recipients to get cancer news in their inbox every week.

Insurance Information
We know health insurance can be complicated. We provide information needed for cancer patients to educate themselves about choosing the right coverage.

Your Guide to Cancer Care
Learn new conventional treatments, complementary therapies, and about living with cancer. We also provide a section for caregivers to learn more about the important roles they play in caring for their loved one with cancer.

Messages Boards
Our message boards provide a community for cancer patients and caregivers. Learn about their stories or share your own. We also have more specific message boards related to care nutrition, cancer treatment, and message boards for specific types of common cancers.