Breast Cancer Can Be Avoidable, Experts Say

by: cancercompass

Experts at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona, Spain claim nearly one-third of breast cancer cases could be avoided in Western countries if women exercised more and ate less.

The conference, which started Wednesday and ends on Saturday, is in its seventh year.

According to an Associated Press article regarding the claims, a spokesperson for a British breast cancer charity said his organization is cautious about lifestyle advice as it can be an extremely sensitive issue.

"We would never want women to feel responsible for their breast cancer," the spokesperson told the AP. "It's a complex disease and there are so many factors responsible that it's difficult to blame it on one specific issue."

What are your thoughts about sensitivity toward lifestyle advice? Should doctors be frank with their patients about eating habits and exercise, or should more sensitivity be put in place? Please share your thoughts in our comments section.

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