Maine House of Reps. Rejects Cell Phone Warnings Bill

by: cancercompass

Cell phone radiation emissions have been a concern for many regarding the unknown after effects of the device's usage and how it could be potentially hazardous to one's health. The concern is that the radiation emissions could be tied to brain cancer. There is much debate about whether or not there is a link between cell phone usage and the disease. Some researchers claim that cell phone radiation is actually good for you.

Legislators in Maine were so concerned that they wanted a bill to be passed requiring cell phone manufacturers to post warning labels on cell phone packaging.

According to the Associated Press, that bill "was scaled back to direct state health officials to add links on their Web site to existing federal cell phone advisories. It also would urge federal agencies to do more research on cell phone use and ask the industry to bolster consumer education on cell phone safety."

On Thursday, Maine's House of Representatives opposed the bill.

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