Cancer Patients Need Options

by Dana Demas

A recent study out of Johns Hopkins found that surgery for people with cancer is riskier for those with Type 2 diabetes than for those without it.

We can all learn important lessons from a study like this, for two reasons:

  • A person’s health is defined by more than just cancer, or any serious illness. Cancer tends to consume the spotlight – for you, your loved ones and your doctor alike – but it’s still important to manage the other physical and mental health conditions you may face. Your health is bolstered or hindered by how you treat these seemingly less pressing issues.
  • A variety of cancer treatment options exist and, depending on the person, all are not created equal. You and your doctor should have an in-depth discussion about the range of cancer treatments available, and how they might relate to your health history – and you should seek a second opinion if you do not feel that options are presented to you.

The bottom line? We’re all complex people and we deserve the best care for our needs.