May: Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month

by: cancercompass

Not only is the month of May Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, but today - the first Monday in May, is Melanoma Monday.

According to, Melanoma Monday is the kick-off of May Melanoma Month with special activities around the United States. Also known as National Skin Self-Examination Day, people are encouraged to examine their skin for cancer.

The site further states that one easy way to remember the symptoms of skin cancer is ABCDE:

Asymmetrical skin lesion.
Border of the lesion is irregular.
Color: melanomas usually have multiple colors.
Diameter: moles greater than 6 mm are more likely to be melanomas than smaller moles.
Enlarging: Enlarging or evolving

The website offers 31 ways to prevent and detect melanoma for the 31 days in the month of May.

To learn more about the cancer featured in this post, please visit our skin cancer information page.