Tour de France Officials Upset About Cancer Jerseys

by: cancercompass

Lance Armstrong's Tour de France bicycling team donned unapproved jerseys before the last stage of the race on Sunday, which postponed the start by nearly 20 minutes.

The black jerseys had the number 28 on the back, which represents the 28 million people fighting cancer; a number which the seven-time Tour de France winner uses for his Livestrong campaign.

According to the Associated Press, "The International Cycling Union said Monday it 'regrets that an initiative for a cause as worthy as the fight against cancer' was not coordinated beforehand with officials. The cycling body says Armstrong's venture could have been done while staying within the rules."

The Union stated that RadioShack, Lance Armstrong's team sponsor, will be further investigated for breaking the rules regarding the approval of jerseys.

What are your thoughts about the unapproved jerseys? Should RadioShack be further investigated or should The International Cycling Union just let it go?