HPV Vaccine Co-Founder Claims Boys Should Get Vaccinated

by: cancercompass

The HPV vaccine protects against the human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix, and only females have cervixes. So why would HPV vaccine co-founder Dr. Doug Lowy suggest that boys get the vaccine, too?

In an NPR article published Friday, Lowy said that although boys don't get cervical cancer they can transmit it, and vaccinating them would reduce the amount of HPV.

NPR also interviewed Dr. Matt Daley. Daley suggests that more girls need to be vaccinated. According to the article, only 11 percent of girls get all three doses of the HPV vaccine.

Daley thinks girls should be vaccinated in schools, not in a doctor’s office.

"Kids are there, and they are there every day," Daley told NPR. "They are a captive audience."

What are your thoughts about the possibility of boys getting the HPV vaccine? Would you allow your young son to be vaccinated? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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