Study: Breast Cancer Tests May Increase Cancer Risk

by: cancercompass

According to a new study published in the monthly journal Radiology, breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and positron emission mammography (PEM), two diagnostic tests used to find breast cancer, may increase one's risk of developing fatal cancer.

"A single breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) or positron emission mammography (PEM) examination carries a lifetime risk of inducing fatal cancer greater than or comparable to a lifetime of annual screening mammography starting at age 40," Dr. R. Edward Hendrick, the study's author and clinical professor of radiology at the University of Colorado-Denver, noted in a written statement.

According to the study, one BSGI exam has a lifetime attributable risk of 20–30 times higher than digital mammography in 40-year-old women. And one PEM exam has a 23 times higher lifetime attributable risk than that of digital mammography.

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