FDA May Enact Stricter Tanning Bed Warnings

by: oneupweb

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is beginning to follow the footsteps of the British government with regard to stricter tanning bed policies.

We recently posted that the British government is trying to ban children 18 years old and younger from using tanning beds in their country.

In March, U.S. FDA advisors will be exploring stricter tanning bed regulations too, which could include more stringent warnings, by opening a public hearing.

According to an article posted in The Washington Post Monday, an FDA UV radiation specialist said the FDA doesn't "recommend using (tanning beds) at all, but we know people do use them so we want to make them as low-risk as possible."

What are your thoughts about tanning beds? Should there be stricter regulations? Should the U.S. follow suit with the British and try to ban children 18 and under from using the devices?