Study: Cell Phone Radiation May Be Good For You

by: oneupweb

We recently reported that Maine and San Francisco officials were interested in putting warning labels on cell phones because of the electromagnetic radiation the communication devices emit, which some believe could lead to brain cancer.

Now, a new study reports that cell phone radiation may help with Alzheimer's disease. The study involved genetically tweaked mice that had an animal form of the disease which causes dementia and decreases cognitive abilities.

According to a recent National Geographic article, the study found that cell phone radiation protected against and even reversed the disease's symptoms in the mice.

The article states that "if cell phone exposure began before the genetically engineered mice started showing signs of Alzheimer's, they were less likely to develop symptoms later on in life. Furthermore, the genetically engineered mice that were exposed to the cell phone radiation after they had already begun to show cognitive deficits generally saw their memory impairment disappear after several months of the radiation exposure."

What are your thoughts on the cell phone radiation debate?

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